How to Create Joy & Freedom With Your Dream Career

Explore options and strategies to leverage your dream career and live financially free.



Career + Human Resources Consultant

A certified HR professional and career consultant for over 20 years, Ebony helps mid-level, historically disadvantaged people experiencing burnout find their dream work lifestyle for joy and financial freedom.


What you'll learn:


Discover the right questions to ask yourself when considering your ideal career path. We'll focus on how to choose your professional identity, priorities, values, and career path and why it matters.


Learn a tried and true formula for creating an action plan that gets you results. Explore how to add multiple income streams so you’re less beholden to employers.


Boost your timeline for success and financial independence. We'll share the key to accelerating your career and financial goals so you can focus on where it matters most.


Workplace drama, politics, underemployment, bias, and discrimination that may impact your success. Learn how to determine where your energy is best spent.


I'll explain the five "must have" career assets. You'll learn when and how to use them to get your dream job offers and opportunities.


Support your emotional and spiritual well-being by cultivating a mindset of resilience to create financial freedom and joy.


How long is the Masterclass?

Thanks for asking! It's 90 minutes.

How do I watch/access it?

First, click on the "Claim Your Spot" button. Then it will take you to a landing page where you may enter your email address to receive the replay link to watch the Masterclass on-demand.

What happens after I claim my spot?

You will also be added to my Innovative Spirit email community where you will get notified about opportunities and resources that empower you to achieve your workplace and career goals with self-care and love. You'll receive an email with the link to watch the Masterclass.

This Masterclass was SO helpful. How can I learn more?

If you enjoyed this Masterclass, you will LOVE my #LoveCareerFreedom Program. It's an interactive 7-week program that helps mid-level, historically disadvantaged people get joy and financial freedom by practicing self-care in their careers without sacrificing their authentic selves or wasting time on strategies that don't work. It's a 1:1, customized resume optimizer program to help you get a career you enjoy and increase your salary, Get the details Here.

What other programs do you offer?

In addition to my #LoveCareerFreedom Program, I offer #LoveRemoteFreedom which helps job seekers get a comfortable, work from home remote job as soon as possible. This course provides a remote job blueprint that is a compilation of the most results-focused strategies I’ve learned. I created this training because I realized just how valuable this information is. Learn more Here.